Exam Techniques

Got exams coming up? No matter what the subject matter is, exam technique is all important. Here are our 5 top tips for successful exam technique:

1. Read the whole paper through from start to end before starting to answer any questions

2. Work out your timings – make sure you know when you need to move from section to section

3. Work out in what order you will answer the questions – you don’t have to start at section 1!

4. Plan each answer in quick note form before you start.

5. Be careful with timings. If you have 5 questions each worth 20 marks – it’s no good writing an almost perfect answer to question 1 (which might get you 17 marks) and have no time to start on question 5 (zero marks). Do a little less on question one (15 marks) and spend time on question 5 (10 marks) … and do the maths. You’ll get 25 marks instead of just 17.

Good luck – and remember to breathe


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