All work and no play

It’s very easy to overdo revision and get into the scenario of diminishing returns.

Planning is key:

Revise in slots of 45 minutes to an hour maximum and then take a break.

Mix up your subjects – don’t spend all day on one subject area.

Try different methods of revision – use the internet – there are several excellent revision sites such as BBC Bitesize. For French listen to French radio as a background while you get dressed/clean teeth/put on makeup etc. Record French vocabulary and play it on your i-pod.

Revise with a friend or form a study group and swap ideas.

Build in those breaks and give yourself rewards – watching a fave TV programme, going to the cinema.

 Spending hours hunched over a computer or a desk can stress you physically as well as mentally. Try to fit in some exercise such as taking the dog for a walk or playing a game of footie.

At the end of the day a long soak in a hot bath (scented candles and calming music optional extras!) will help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.


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