Controlled assessments

The change this year to controlled assessments instead of coursework for AQA English has caused some concern for parents and students. Together with a new course format and a different poetry anthology some schools seem to have found the transition tricky. Dates for CAs have tended to slip with the result that students have felt unsettled.

Just as previously with coursework, sound preparation is vital for the controlled assessments. They form a significant part of the final grade. Thorough knowledge of the text and a good understanding of how to structure the essay are essential. Private tuition helps students explore their personal response to texts and to develop their own essay writing style, in a less pressurised environment. In a large class it is difficult for students to work at their own pace.  A tutor has the time to examine a student’s written work in detail, suggesting improvements and encouraging experimentation. Writing skills, like all skills,  improve with practice and individual tuition provides that opportunity. Students are often amazed by the amount of work we cover in one hour compared with a lesson at school. No time is wasted in taking a register, keeping order or dealing with other students’ problems.

Why not give it a try if you’re keen to improve your CA grades?


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