Personal Statements

Competition to get into a top class university is so high these days that it’s vital to take every step you can to stand out as a potential candidate. Obviously the most important thing is to have good grades. Universities will look at your GCSE grades as well as your AS and predicted A level grades. However, these days there are so many students with straight A grades that universities also place great emphasis on the personal statement.

Your statement should include evidence of your interest in the subject you are hoping to study- for example work experience and courses you’ve attended. Try to explain just why this particular subject and course is the one you want to pursue. You should also try to convey a strong sense of you as a person – remember many universities don’t interview these days and this may be your only chance to impress. Tell them about your hobbies and extra-curricular activities at school such as D of E, music or drama. Explain what you’ve gained from these activities, for example the ability to work as part of a team.

There are various websites with sample statements that you can look at for inspiration but DON’T copy them. This is your personal statement and it will be very evident if  it’s a rehashed version of something you’ve found online.

Get your statement checked. Apart from the obvious spelling and grammar checks, the statement should read well and have the correct content. Your teacher at school may very well do this for you but it doesn’t hurt to have second opinion and many tutors offer this service for a small fee.


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