The most important subject?

Most students (and their parents) understand that passing GCSE English is absolutely vital for most further education and many careers. Indeed proficient reading and writing skills are important not only for English Language and English Literature but also for other subjects such as History, Geography to name just two.

However those A level students following more science based courses may be surprised to discover that literacy skills are vital for them too. I often get mature students who having completed a science based degree are faced with having to produce a piece of written work as part of a professional qualification. A good example would be a Civil Engineer who came to me needing help with essay writing skills. He needed to produce essays as part of the process of joining the Institute representing his profession. He knew how to design and build a motorway but explaining the process in a structured essay he found virtually impossible at first.  Even careers that may seem very ‘hands-on’ such as nursing and counselling still require a large element of written work as part of qualification.

Communication skills whether oral or written are essential in the modern world. Whether you’re writing just a short text or memo or producing a lengthy proposal or presentation the ability to successfully transmit information to your chosen audience is crucial.


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