Mind the gap!

As GCSEs are coming to an end most students and their parents will be giving a huge collective sigh of relief. AS subjects have been chosen and it’s time to relax for the summer.

Well, that’s true but it’s not the whole truth!

AS/A levels are a huge jump up from GCSEs and many students find them quite a shock. You think that, because you got maybe a ‘B’ grade at GCSE in the subject, that you’re not going to struggle, but that’s not always the case.

For French your command of grammar and vocabulary will certainly be put to the test at AS level, and for English Literature  the amount of reading may be daunting.

Why not get ahead of the game by reading those set books now? If your school hasn’t already provided you with a reading list ask them for one. Think about organising some tutoring during the summer to give you a head start. For most tutors it’s a quieter time so you will have a better choice of time slots.


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