Summer Holidays


Well, the exams are just about over now and it’s time to put the books away and set off on holiday. I’m sure you all deserve a really good break!

But – and there’s always a but – the summer holidays are a long break, particularly if you’ve just done GCSEs or A levels, and you don’t want to start either your AS courses or University on the back foot. Try to put aside some time during the long summer break to get some of your reading list completed, for example. You’ll be really pleased you did, once your courses start. As I’ve commented before, there’s quite a jump up in level from GCSE to As and even more so when you start a degree course. Some universities even run remedial/catch up courses in the first few months as pupils struggle with the level of work.

Another factor is that at University and to some extent  AS/A level a student is expected to be self-motivating and to study alone. This takes some practice and the holidays is a good time to start.

For pupils lower down the school there are plenty of suggestions in my blog of last year, Holiday Work ‎, of ways to learn/study painlessly (well, almost!) during the holidays.


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