Spring cleaning in the summer

Things are getting quite quiet now on the teaching front as schools break up and people go on holiday. This is the perfect opportunity to take stock of my teaching materials.

I’ve had a massive clear out of old books that I hung onto – just in case – and ruthlessly pruned my printed handouts/worksheets which seem to mysteriously multiply without much help from the copier. I’ve also treated myself to some new textbooks etc as the AQA courses, for example, changed significantly last year. Apart from anything else it’s gets rather boring teaching from the same textbooks year after year. I like to be able to work from books that aren’t always familiar to pupils – they get bored too if I’m using the books they see every day at school.  A fresh approach, a more interesting handout can make all the difference.

I must also confess to indulging my compulsive obsessive gene and re-organising all the books in the house which are now neatly categorised and/or in alphabetical order by author.  And yes, I know that’s rather sad…..


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