**January revision sessions: Edexcel poetry**

Exams looming in January?

More revision tutorials for Edexcel Poetry Anthology are now set up  via helpinglearning.co.uk for the beginning of January.

The tutorials will last 30 minutes, cost £13 each session and cover 2 poems (except for the session on Last Duchess) from the Relationships Cluster. You just need to have Skype and be registered with Helping Learning (which is free).

The dates/times are as follows:

Wednesday January 2nd  1000 – 1030 Valentine and Rubbish at Adultery

Wednesday January 2nd 1400-1430 Sonnet 116 and Our Love Now

Thursday January 3rd 1000-1030 Even Tho and Kissing

Thursday January 3rd 1400-1430 One Flesh and Song for Last Year’s Wife

Friday January 4th 1400-1430 My Last Duchess

Friday January 4th 1500-1530 Pity Me Not Because the Light of Day and The Habit of Light

Don’t miss out – register with Helping Learning for free and book now!


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