Why don’t schools involve parents more?

So many of the parents of my pupils seem to find it nigh on impossible to obtain information from the schools their offspring attend. The best schools send out schedules for the year ahead to keep parents in the loop. That way parents are alerted to important dates of controlled assessments and modules to be taken early etc. They see the books that will be studied and the format, in outline, of the exams to be taken. This information is important for all subjects but vital for English Language and English Literature in which the options are so numerous. Parents shouldn’t have to beg repeatedly for this information as often appears the case. Such knowledge can allow them to help their son/daughter to maximise revision.

I recently learnt of an instance when parents were strongly encouraging their son to revise for a subject (not one of mine) over the half-term only to find out subsequently that the school had taken this module early. Their son could have used this time to revise for another subject – what a waste!

Concerned parent does not equal pushy parent. They want their child to achieve the best possible grade – surely the desired outcome for the school too? Their input can be useful. Yes, some pupils don’t have involved parents and that’s a shame – but don’t punish those that do by scorning any signs of interest and concern.

Why do schools seem to see parents at best as an irritation and at worst as the enemy? They only want to help – what’s so bad about that?


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