Proof reading

Am I the only person to have remarked on the increasing number of typos etc in novels these days? As I’m on holiday I’ve been reading quite a few novels and some have had many errors strewn through the chapters. I don’t think it’s limited to particular publishers and I wonder if they are cutting back on proof reading.

Typos are irritating but not as bad as factual inaccuracies. I’m not the greatest Dan Brown fan but bowing to all the hype I did read (and quite enjoy) The Da Vinci Code. But surely some in the publishing house must have been aware of where Versailles is situated in relation to Paris – certainly not North East as I seem to remember the book states. There was also a glaring continuity error where the hero arrived at one Parisian station only to leave from another!

My partner loves to spot continuity errors in films or TV programmes. I have to admit as someone who relates more to the written word than pictures these often pass me by. There are websites that specialise in listing these slip-ups and they are a fun read.

Proof reading is a service I offer – mainly for theses/extended essays although I have done a couple of novels too. It’s not just a question of finding spelling and punctuation mistakes but also checking for omitted or surplus words and flow in general.

I find it rather enjoyable – mainly because of the variety it offers in reading matter!


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