Why is this year so busy?

I’m not complaining but this is my busiest year ever for pupils. Are all you other tutors out there experiencing the same thing, I wonder? I’ve even had to turn work down and have a waiting list. There doesn’t appear to be a pattern as I still have quite a wide variety of ages, subjects and levels. This variety is what makes tutoring so enjoyable for me. I am constantly preparing different work, not having to rehash the same old stuff time after time.

Also this year I’m pleased to say that there has been more variety in the schools’ choice of literary texts. Although we can’t seem to get away from Of Mice and Men, there have been some new names – Blood Brothers, Silas Marner, and The Crucible. With Shakespeare too, there’s been Much Ado about Nothing and The Merchant of Venice as well as the usual Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. 

Of course, I’ve also had to find time to co-author volume 2 of our fantasy series which I am now revising and last but not least be a councillor for Loddon ward. Some of this will ease in May as I have decided not to re-stand for Council in May when my term of 4 years finishes. This will allow me to concentrate on teaching and writing.


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