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Using Skype

Skype lessons can be a valuable alternative to normal face-to-face tuition. Nobody has to leave the comfort of their own home on a cold, dark wintry evening and no time is wasted in traffic jams trying to get to the tutor. The use of video makes the lesson seem personal and allows the tutor to observe facial reactions thereby gauging comprehension. The facility of instant messaging means notes and instructions can be given in writing, not just verbally. In addition attachments (files) can be sent during the lesson and ┬áthen studied by pupil and tutor simultaneously. This is all available with the basic Skype package, but I believe there are more advanced downloads that can be purchased such as the use of a whiteboard – probably helpful if teaching maths.

This type of tuition is particularly useful for pupils who are not well enough to attend school or extra tuition, or who, perhaps, live in remote areas. Not all parents are able to drive their offspring to extra lessons – they may work shifts or long hours or have smaller children who need attention at home.

Many tutors offer Skype lessons at a slightly lower rate than face-to-face lessons so there may be a financial advantage too!


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