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New version of The Vispadjiin

One of the reasons that I’ve been so busy recently is that we have made the decision to rewrite volume one of the jointly written novel. At present it is only published on Kindle and we are hoping to have it published as a hard copy. This has involved quite a lot of rewriting and adding new episodes. Some characters have been deepened and some have disappeared entirely. We think the result is much more exciting and satisfying as a story.

Meanwhile Mick has done a first draft of volume 4 and I am about to start my input. Reading his first shortish draft is always an exciting time as ideas for new episodes flash into my mind and are rejected or developed.

Do take a look at my other webpage ‘The Vispadjiin’ for more details on the fantasy novel and the process of collaboration that makes up Sherwood H Smith.


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The Vispadjinn  by Sherwood H Smith, the book I have co-authored, is this week on free promotion on Amazon Kindle, until Friday.

It’s a dark fantasy and I should advise that it’s got some adult themes.

We’re really pleased that today we reached 7= for our category on the US free Kindle rankings!

Why not check it out on http://www.amzn.to/1aS0Xlh


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Publication is looming!

We are planning to go the Kindle/Amazon route and we now have an amazing cover produced by my co-author’s sister-in-law. As this book is only the first part of a trilogy (at least!) we wanted a cover that could ┬ápresent a theme relevant to the future novels. More will be revealed in due course!

I have been busy polishing our synopsis/publicity blurb and a character list. As is the case with most fantasy novels there is a fairly extensive number of characters and I think it’s helpful for readers to be able to check back – particularly with unfamiliar names.

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