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Publication is looming!

We are planning to go the Kindle/Amazon route and we now have an amazing cover produced by my co-author’s sister-in-law. As this book is only the first part of a trilogy (at least!) we wanted a cover that could ┬ápresent a theme relevant to the future novels. More will be revealed in due course!

I have been busy polishing our synopsis/publicity blurb and a character list. As is the case with most fantasy novels there is a fairly extensive number of characters and I think it’s helpful for readers to be able to check back – particularly with unfamiliar names.


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A new job title!!

Can I soon put author (or more strictly speaking co-author) on my CV?

Recently I have been collaborating on the first part of a fantasy style trilogy. The author advertised online for someone to work with him and chose me from the people who responded. The bulk of the first part was already complete and my main job has been to improve the characterisation. I should be contributing more when we soon start Part 2.

It’s been really enjoyable to contribute and I hope people will enjoy reading it. The title will be Vispadjinn and our author name is Sherwood Smith. I will blog more details once we have published online so you can all rush to purchase it!!

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