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Which Latin textbook?

Do you have a favourite?

Many schools seem to favour the Cambridge course but in my experience some pupils find its approach to grammar confusing. The stories are probably more relevant than some of the older textbooks, although still rather dull.

I have used Disce Latinum with classes and they seemed to enjoy it. Certainly some of the stories are marginally amusing and the approach to grammar has a logical order. Classes used to particularly like the chapter on chariot racing – especially if they were allowed to watch the relevant section of Ben Hur as an illustration!

And, of course, many prep schools still use  good old Wilding. For those who may continue Latin to GCSE and beyond (and certainly for those offering Latin in the Scholarship exams for Eton and Winchester)  it certainly gives a thorough grounding in the vocabulary and grammar that will be required. I have to admit to a liking for the stories dealing with mythology and even the battle ones. Probably too much Gallic Wars, Cicero and Livy during my Latin studies at school, all those years ago!


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