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The Usurper

Volume 2 of the adult fantasy series Azhad:Elgir is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Like volume 1 The Vispadjinn, I have  co-authored this with Mick Sherwood under the nom de plume of Sherwood H Smith.  This time I’ve had more input at an earlier stage. This volume is much more centred on political intrigue and machination rather than a quest type journey. But don’t worry there’s still plenty of action. You’ll also recognise several characters from the first volume but, of course, many new ones make an appearance.

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not take a look at our website vispadjinn.com.  You’ll find character lists, information about the process of collaborative writing and a synopsis for both books.

Please be aware that this is an adult fantasy series with adult themes.


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